Animal Grooming - Clipper Blade Sharpening

As a Animal Groomer you have a vast number of tools which enable you to create that "right look" for your customers, various types of scissors and clipper grades are used and these need to be in perfect working order and as sharp as possible, you don't want to cause the animal or yourself distress through blunt implements. 

At Sharpology we understand this and our attention to detail is second to none, we Sharpen and test everything we do and offer a satisfaction guarantee, we are only happy when you are satisfied. 

We understand a lot of people have had bad experiences with having equipment sharpened and some now resort to just buying new blades and scissors, at Sharpology we will win back your trust in having equipment serviced and sharpened by us.

We will come to you and work on-site or pick up and return the same day, you don't have to trust your valuable items to the postal service and then wait days for it to be returned.

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Dont forget every time we sharpen you earn loyalty points which can be used on further sharpening or on anything we sell, why not get a new pair of scissors or clipper blades with them, the choice is yours.