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We are the country's leading independent Sharpening service & we operate Nationally with an On Site service with our mobile workshop and we also offer a postal return sharpening service for anyone not in our current capture area.

Using the latest sharpening equipment on the market we guarantee you will be delighted with our service, we offer refurbishing, balancing and servicing of your scissors, clipper blades and knives. 

Why do you need your Scissors, Knives, Clippers etc Sharpened? 

Let's start with Grooming/Hairdressing.

Precision haircuts depend on two things – your skill as a stylist and the performance of your cutting tools. 
The performance of your scissor/clipper is largely determined by the characteristics of the cutting edges.
Substandard edges mean inconsistent cuts and may limit your choices in technique. Dry hair or wet, you simply can’t slide or slice with dull, damaged or poorly sharpened edges.
Even the best, most expensive scissors in the world are only as good as the person who sharpens them.

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