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Scissor Sharpening (FREEPOST)

Scissor Sharpening (FREEPOST)

  • £10.00

Hairdressers, Dog Groomers whatever your talent and occupation you require sharp equipment and here at Sharpology we know how to create the finest edges Using a the new EZ-Vex system we can provide Precision Sharpening of hairdressing & grooming scissors including Japanese convex scissors, Stainless Steel, Carbon/Cobalt steel and Titanium dipped & coated. For convex scissors we have the equipment to create a true convex edge 

  • Inspect and report on condition of scissor and edge
  • Removal of pivot screw and cleaning. (Replace washer if needed)
  • Straighten blades as required.
  • Renew Edge with Sharpening Wheel – 5” x ½” x ½” 100 grit fine grain friable aluminum oxide
  • Honing 
  • Oil, Assemble, set Balance/free-fall and blade stops.
  • Test on Artificial Fur/Real Fur


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