You will already know how important having sharp scissors and blades are, blunt or badly adjusted implements cause hair to be pushed and not cut in the blades or will pull at certain parts of the scissor, also RSI (repetitive strain injury) can lead to serious damage to yourself, don't throw away scissors when they become blunt or unbalanced, allow Sharpology to put on a new edge or simply hone the existing edge bringing it back to an as new sharpness if not actually better than new. We dismantle, clean, sharpen, lubricate, reassemble and balance all scissors. It is cheaper than replacement scissors or Clipper Blades.

We understand a lot of people have had bad experiences with having equipment sharpened and some now resort to just buying new blades and scissors, at Sharpology we will win back your trust in having equipment serviced and sharpened by us.

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