Scissor Oil Pen
Groom Professional Scissor Oil Pen

Scissor Oil Pen - Ideal for Groomers!

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The world's leading all Natural Scissor Oil for all types of scissors / shears.

This Scissor Oil Pen is ideal for dog groomers and contains a very high quality scissor oil.

As used in ancient Japan for blade care and as a rust inhibitor, supplied in an easy-to-use twist pen with brush application for precision use and no over oiling  

This oil has been used to protect the blades of samurai swords and chef knives in Japan for centuries.

This Natural oil is the traditional Japanese choice for protecting knives and blades against any rust, corrosion and discolouration.

The oil leaves a lovely deep, non-oily finish, and it's odourless and tasteless. Only a small amount is necessary to protect the blade.

All natural ingredients (3ml) pen with brush 

Larger bottle options coming soon